Customer Testimonials

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Viva K. & Ted R. -San Francisco, CA
“We are still talking about the splendid week you gave our group. You get cruising right on all counts! What makes your cruise so unique in our experience is the seamless, and seemingly effortless, teamwork you two have perfected and your sensitivity to the varied personalities of your guests… Your meals, planned creatively around the questionnaire were fresh, delicious, healthful and presented beautifully…and your generosity of spirt put us all at ease. TailR, the perfect water dog, was so much fun to be with. She compliments the crew in a spirit of joyful cooperation… We will soon begin to cook our way through your cookbook, to remind us of you both and our wonderful cruise together. Wishing you smooth sailing and many happy cruises to come.”

Nicki S.-Wichita, KS
“Writers tell of quiet seas, and sailing ships, and dolphins dancing off the bow. But to read of it is not to live it. Northwind brings life to the words and color to the seas and mountains. For just a while we got to slow life’s hectic pace and glimpse all that nature has to offer, and only the dolphins around us moved with speed. We were surrounded by all that we wished-good friends, good food, serenity, and beauty beyond comparison. Our trip will end but the memories have been pressed upon us-the words of others have come to life!”

Linda; Riverside, CA
“I want to thank you for a most wonderful, memorable, and joyful experience…The meals were wonderful and delicious, your hard work is truly appreciated! Thank you for showing me the wonders of the San Juans, the crabbing, the hikes, the bald eagles, the whales and porpoise! We saw everything and did everything your brochure talked about.”

Winnie & Jim – Fruita, CO
“I’m always amazed at how people’s paths cross in a lifetime–I’m forever grateful that ours passed this week, it’s been fabulous! The scenery, the meals, the laughs, the kinship between old friends and new–most of all the simple relaxation–just what we needed to recharge our batteries! The week passed much too quickly–I’m thinking we will just have to come back and do it again!”

Doug & Regina H.-Vancouver, WA
“Of course the meals were superb, as witnessed by how often I availed myself of seconds…The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and we appreciate you ordering up sunshine for nearly all of our trip. Furthermore, your ability to orchestrate Orcas into leaping and diving about the Northwind without even having to put an oar in the water was just short of amazing to be vied with only by the Bald Eagle doing the breast stroke to gain shore. However what we felt most keenly was the gentle intimacy you suffused each sip of our life on or about the Northwind, the caring, the concern, the inclusiveness and openness of your own lives touched us both substantially and poetically. Thank you for sharing this trip with us!”

Paul & Eddie H. Agoura Hills, CA
“After two wonderful trips with you I am trying to decide which I like best. The food? (Probably.) The beauty of the sailing, the islands, and the whole relaxing package? (Absolutely Yes!) My job performance will suffer for some time to come. But sooner or later I will need to send my mind back to work. But even then I will be looking forward to our next trip with crabbing, clamming and shore leave with Pocket. Until next time…”

Sam & Sherry M. Olympia, WA
“We embarked on this cruise for Sam to experience the beauty the San Juans have to offer; for Sherry to revisit her past and favorite cruising places; to become acquainted and enjoy the company of the Northwind crew – Jon, Jet, and especially Pocket! What we discovered during the week enriched the experience. Gourmet cuisine kept our bellies full and satisfied. Music, relaxing and fun times, sailing and almost perfect weather made the cruise sheer pleasure. This was a glorious week! Thanks Northwind crew – you attended to our needs and wishes before we knew what we needed or wished.”

Don G. Prescot, AZ
“The first time for anything stays with you far longer. The experiences more vivid, much stronger. In the past, places would be wonderful and new. But the people stayed with you — such would it be with this crew. They asked it if would be possible to take Pocket along, and being dog lovers we said yes. What a great addition he would make. We set sail on Sunday and by Wednesday we were good friends, all of us. We were promised good food — we got gourmet food. We were offered fishing and crabbing –we caught salmon and crabs. I am sure we will leave, wanting to come back and that’s the way all great vacations should end.”

Janice C. Reno, NV
“Sailing joys of life’s toys. Warming hearts up and up like a full sail. Friends are like ornaments on the tree of life. You are like friends to all who enter. Thanks for the joy you shared with us. What a honeymoon! I am already planning to do the “Inside Passage”. Thanks for such a wonderful voyage.”

Mike T. & Wendi M. Lakewood, CO
 “I always end the charter feeling a bit beholden to Jon & Jet & Pocket for sharing their home with me. The Northwind is a home; the islands, the harbour, the bays, the eel grass shallows, and the spits and wooded peaks. The price is never completely paid as friendship and sailing will have to continue.”

Ann & Dave G. Pacific Palisades
“Thank you for a lifetime experience – sailing, hiking, crabbing, seeing shooting stars and the most beautiful scenery in the world was wonderful. We look forward to our next trip with you.”

The following letter was sent by our guests to their charter broker after returning from a sail with us in 2015.

“As soon as we saw this sailboat we realized immediately the exceptional way she was kept, it means how much Jette and Jon love their boat and the very high level of proffesionality they have! We were so lucky with this lovely couple! The reception was very easy going… The boat, a Jeanneau 55´ 2009, was excellent: 4 cabins (one for the crew). Each cabin with its own head. A very wide cockpit very well protected with a big bimini integrated with a very nice dodger. The living room was large, cozy and warm with a lot of natural light because of big windows and hatches! …a curious thing, the former owner of Northwind was John Travolta! So the spirit of “saturday night fever” was in the air…And I mean it because Pedro and his wife Beba were dancing every night!

Jette is an outstanding chef! Much more than we expected. She is an artist! We will always remember that halibut, the pasta made by her on board, the rack of lamb, that salmon and risotto…The chicken salad, the sandwiches, the wraps, the clam chowder!. And of course the breakfasts: always fresh fruit, eggs (in a shell!), blueberry pastry, croissants, etc etc. Such good coffee… And besides the quality of food, all the details. Every night a different tablecloth according with the menu, flowers, candles! Unforgettable! Very classy. Of course our Captain Jon was helping her all the time: on the grill, doing the dishes, etc. Jon is a great captain and a great person too.

Beba and I are almost experts in this kind of charter. We have made about ten in different parts of the world…so we are able to appreciate the knowledge and the attitude. Jon is a very educated person, very polite, and willing to please us all the time. We had the opportunity to sail enough enjoying that beauty plowing through the waters. It is such a beautiful area surrounded by many islands and you can never feel the open sea. …Pedro and I took the helm from time to time, feeling that incredible sensation of power and freedom! Astonishing the power of currents because of the strong tides. …Very interesting area. The San Juan Islands are an archipelago between Victoria (Canada) and Bellingham (USA). I dont know how many islands but pretty near each other. First night we anchored in a very small and quiet one: Sucia Island (sucia means dirty in spanish, but it was so clean!).

Then we also docked in 3 beautiful marinas as this is what we asked for: Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, and Rosario Resort & Spa in Orcas Island… We had a dinner ashore in a very nice and classy restaurant called “The Place” the six of us, in Friday Harbor. We had a very good time together and a nice dinner…but Jette´s cuisine is better! So as usual when you are having a terriffic time the trip is suddenly over… We were back to Bellingham on Friday June 5th. Farewell and good memories forever.

We strongly recommend this wonderful couple Jette and Jon with this magnificent sailboat. Hopefully we will repeat this experience some day. Ah! I forgot to mention the 7th passenger: TailR, a nice, lovely, educated, quiet, clean, and so-lucky female dog. In my next life I would like to be reincarnated as her! …and please forgive my Mexican-English.

My best regards
Luis R.
Mexico City, Mexico