What size are the guest bathrooms/cabins?

The private bathrooms or “heads” have plenty of space for one adult to use at a time. (Regarding the space, think large airline bathroom, but with more standing headroom). Doorways into the cabins and heads are about half the width of normal doors at home or about 18” wide. There is adequate space to stand inside the guest cabins for two adults. If you are over 6’4” tall or if you are heavy set then you will have more limited space when sharing a berth. Bed size is 6’ 6” X 4’ 6” on the two forward cabins with a step up into the bed, and 6’ 8” X 5’ 3” on the one aft guest cabin. We use custom luxury sleeping mattresses and high thread count sheets for added comfort. For sailboats, these cabins are spacious and most people sleep really well. If you’re “joining a cruise” then staterooms are assigned by the crew at the time of boarding.

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