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    "Wind, lets us touch the sea we breathe." ~ D.M. Jenkins

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Sail the San Juans: San Juan Islands Sailing Charters

The Art of Slow Travel

Northwind and Mt. BakerSomething special happens when we cast off the dock lines and head out into the islands. We become aware of the rhythm of the tides, the wind filling the sails, the salty sea air, and the porpoise following in our wake. The hidden coves and diverse marine life of the San Juans beckon us to make discoveries and submerge ourselves in its delightfully relaxed pace.

So much of the world passes by without our being able to see, touch, or feel it. Sailing the islands allows us to take a moment to slow down and experience it for ourselves.

We have been perfecting the art of slow travel on Northwind for over 25 years. Each one of our San Juan Islands and Inside Passage cruises are one of a kind, designed for your group from the ground up. From your preferences on food and drink, to where we go and what we see and do, the result is a perfect blending of islands, yacht, crew, and cuisine.


 This is what a carefree sailing vacation is about.

Sailing the San Juan Islands

Jon and Jette Baker Sail the San Juans Cruises

Captains Jette & Jon Baker, with TailR

A sailing charter with Sail the San Juans is a world away from any vacation experience you probably have ever had.

Explore over 200 forested islands, help trim the sails on Northwind, or just relax while you savor gourmet fare, and great hiking and kayaking through protected bays and inlets.

This is the art of slow travel!

Offering two unique island cruises:

San Juan Islands: These six day trips focus on the San Juan Islands, a rich archipelago of hidden coves, abundant wildlife, and forested islands located in the sheltered inland waters of Washington State. Learn more….

The Inside Passage: Twelve day wilderness trips explore the southern portion of the Inside Passage, an area rich with native culture, mountain vistas, fjords and waterfalls located in British Columbia. Learn more…

Learn more about our San Juan Islands sailing charters.